Pauline Warg

Enamelist, Artist, Owner

Pauline Warg Is a metalsmith with more than 35 years of professional experience. Her artwork, be it jewelry or hollow ware, incorporates precious and non precious metals, gems and enamel. The materials are skillfully worked with great attention to detail using time-honored silversmithing techniques.

After completing her apprenticeship to Master Goldsmith Philip Morton, Pauline moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and opened her business, Warg Designs. Later, she went on to attain a Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Southern Maine and graduated summa cum laude.

Throughout her career as a metalsmith, enamelist and teacher, Pauline has set forth for herself many challenges, which have helped her develop into the dynamic artist she is today. She has written several books and countless magazine articles; her work has been exhibited nationally; she has developed metal smithing curricula for disabled students and college-level adults; she has been featured in a 2 hour DVD; and she has designed lines of Sterling Silver hollow ware for large-scale distribution through stores such as Shreve, Crump and Low (Boston). In addition, she has managed her own businesses on both retail and wholesale levels.

Pauline is the owner of WARG Enamel and Tool Center in Scarborough, Maine along with her husband Gary Snider. Her latest endeavor is developing  fARTlek Jewelry TM, a line of fine art jewelry that celebrates the achievements of runners, cancer survivors and all who have struggled to overcome personal and emotional obstacles.


Exhibition And Career Highlights


"May Show"

Toledo Museum of Art (OH)

2nd award of show



Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute (DC)


Paul Revere House 200 Year  Anniversary ( Boston, MA)

Chosen to represent American Silversmiths By demonstrating the techniques

used by Paul Revere and lecture on the comparison to modern day techniques.


"Remains To Be Seen"

John Michael Kohler Arts Center (WI)

"Remains To Be Seen"

John Michael Kohler Arts Center (WI)


Henry Birks and Sons ( Shreve, Crump & Low (MA), Shreve's (CA), Jessops (NC) )

Designer and Creator of limited edition lines of silver perfume bottles, baby/ youth jewelry and tea accessories,

1984 - 1991.


"Work With Gold"

Quadrum Gallery (MA)


Society Of American Silversmiths

"Annual Artisan Exhibition"

National Ornamental Metal Museum (TN)

Women's Bar Association of Maine, Glassman Award

Chosen from 5 candidates to create an original work to be presented annually to an outstanding member 5 consecutive years,

2002 - 2007.


"From the Garden"

League of NH Craftsmen (NH)

Joe Tucker Metal Award


...and numerous others.




Featured Publications


Jewelry Making for Schools, Tradesmen and Craftsmen    By Murray Bovin, Bovin Publishing


Jewelry :Contemporary Designs and Techniques    By Chuck Evans, Davis Publications

 Lapidary Journal


New Hampshire Magazine  November 2003

 Jewelry Artist Magazine


Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing  By Tim McCreight, Hand Books Press

Notable College & Art Center Teaching Venues


University of NH

League of NH Craftsmen ( Hanover, Littleton & Exeter )

Manchester Center of ART  (NH)

Metalwerx ( MA )

Maine College of ART

Armory Arts Center (FL)

Palomar College (CA)

Manatee Art Center ( FL)

Idyllwild Arts ( CA)

WARG Enamel & Tool Center (ME)